Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Final Painting, Cutter, Part Eight

Here's the final painting.  I'm still deliberating over a couple titles,
'Always There,' or

Going to have to think about that for a while.

This was a really painful painting to produce, and I'm so glad that it's done.  You can see the previous six or seven posts to see the steps involved, but I'll synopsize it here for you.

Pain.  In all honesty, it began last year with a lot of pain.  You can dig into my past posts from March on and find the details of it, but I really don't want to go into it again right now.  I'm going to keep to the specifics of the painting.

I wanted to paint a picture of Hope.  The Hope we have in Christ.  We get ourselves into all kinds of trouble, as this person here would indicate.  You can see the footprints on the painting - he's been stomped on, too.

We can get buried in sin and pain, and it's really difficult to see past ourselves.  It's pretty easy to forget at those times that there is Someone who is always there, ready for the call.  All we need to do is call upon him.

The arms are Christ's arms.  There is no mire too deep that He cannot pull us out.  The heavenly gold symbolizes his holiness and perfection, spilling down over the sinner.  If you look closely, the would in Jesus' hand is dripping dark blood, which, as it runs down the cutter's arm, turns to gold.  This, too, is a symbol of how his love and sacrifice for us covers all.

All we need to do is reach out to Him.  He's there waiting.