Saturday, November 30, 2019

‘Watermark’ Fluid Art Painting

I named this one ‘Watermark’ because it reminds me of the effects of water and time on stone.  The textures of the paint flow draw your eyes through the painting over and over again to explore the mystery of it.  The golds and iridescents reflect and dance and you can see how the painting changes in different lights.  Looks pretty good with our son holding it; pretty sure it’d look good in your home too!

Kind of blends in with the bricks, huh. :)

Under different lighting it changes.  This shot shows the golds better...

One more... my son is saying ‘Please buy this painting so I don’t have to hold it again...’. Find it at

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Chinese Lantern Painting

I can think of a fabulous, armchair way for you to knock out some of your Christmas gifts!  Big and small, there are some very special creative treats for you on my website.  Here’s a festive one, called ‘Night Lights’ which really WILL light up the night for you!  Find this and many more at  (30”x24” on heavy, gallery-wrapped canvas.)

This is in a series of three paintings of Chinese lanterns.  One is sold, the other, named ‘Breezy’ featuring lanterns flying in a fresh, bright sky, is also for sale on my site.  I have a wide range of gift prices, from $10.00 - $900.00.  Just what you need! 

Monday, November 25, 2019

KITTY Cat for Sale

Oh man, I love this one!  I named this one ‘The Watcher.’  I kept my brushstrokes loose to give you the feel of a really soft, pettable cat, and also lightened up on the acrylics with many layers of glaze to keep him looking FLUFFY.  12”x24” it’s for sale on my website,   You can find lots of other photos of this as well.  

Studio Art Work

This is some of the work behind my paintings.  I take meticulous notes which stand behind the legacy of my art for future repairs, new work or whatever.  These are my records for kitty noses for a piece for a client.  I have years of notebooks like this, all dated and labeled.  When you purchase my work, you’re purchasing an heirloom.  Best products, archival and acid free.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Stone Flow For Sale

This.  This is ‘Stone Flow.’  At 24”x30”, it’s the biggest piece in my Steel Blue series of four paintings.  It has a partner, ‘Stone Flow II,’ which can actually hang next to it as a diptych (two paintings hung together as one).  When they’re hung together they actually DO flow together.  You can see that in my previous stone flow post.  Pretty much loving these. Please buy them so I can afford to make more.  

You can find all four of my paintings which are sold separately - Stone Flow, Stone Flow II, Chain of Events and the incomparable Abominable Baby Bird at  On my website you’ll find many more pictures and some closeups so that you can see the textures.  I textured the canvas before painting these to give it added interest; it’s like an untold story that makes you think.  

Check them out! 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Steel Blue Series

This piece.  I love it.  Entitled ‘Stone Flow II,’ it’s one in a series of four paintings.  If you look at my photo of all four pieces you can see this one and the biggest one, ‘Stone Flow,’ actually do flow together.  They can be purchased together or separately on my website,  Mainly steel blue, neutrals and golds, it’s a piece that will look fabulous in so many interiors.  Would you give it as a gift or hang it in your own home? Stone Flow, at 24”x30” is $500.00.  Stone Flow II, at 20”x30” is $450.00

All four paintings are painted on heavy, gallery-wrapped canvas and ready to hang. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Fluid Art Painting

I just listed this painting which I named ‘Chain of Events’ for the awesome copper chain that runs through it.  For sale, toes not included, but they DO help you to gauge the size.  You can find this and all sorts of lovely paintings and artistic merchandise at my website,  It’s gift-giving season; there’s something for everyone here!

This beauty is a paint pour in steel blue, black, white and copper that will look fabulous in so many settings!  I ADORE the copper chain that runs through it.  It’s one of a four-part series of paintings - the second photo shows all four of them together WITH a banana.  Disclaimer - the banana is not for sale, go get your own.  It does help you to understand the size, though! 🙂 This piece is 16x20, the smallest painting of the four.  I painted it on gallery-wrapped (really thick and strong) canvas and it’s 1 1/2” deep and ready to hang. $350.00.  Perfect for, well, that perfect gift!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Paint Pouring Art

I love this! Because it’s covered with smooth, shiny resin the photos aren’t the best and are very reflective, but you get the idea.   That shine deepens the colors and just makes it gorgeous, I’m just sorry I didn’t take pics before I gave it a resin coat.  The reds and blues work so nicely together and the pop of black and white just makes it fun to look at.  Throughout the painting you will see a gunmetal shiny grey sparkle that just pulls the whole thing together.

I created this on an 8” x 8” square cradled birch and the colors flow over all sides to make the entire thing look like art. Rich, high-quality acrylics make this an archival, non-fading heirloom. At $65.00, that’s quite a bargain and a fantabulous one of a kind gift!  Find it at

Note: this is an extremely thick layer of acrylics.  What do you do if it gets dusty?  Take a damp cloth to it.  That’s all!  The surface is impermeable. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Wolf Painting

Feeling wolfish?  Or feeling like you’d like to buy your Christmas gifts online so you don’t have to tramp around?  My website, is full of one of a kind art gifts, from $10.00-$900.00.  Find THIS wolfish gift coming to your door with the ease of a couple clicks. (24”x30 UV protected acrylic on heavy gallery wrapped canvas) 

Friday, November 15, 2019

The Day in the Life of an Artist

The day in the life of an artist? It’s complicated and varies a lot, but there is an underlying current that unites my days.  I work a LOT.  If you’re contemplating a career, do not think ‘I would like to be an artist, it’d be fun to just paint all day.’  If ‘artist’ is your choice it’s because you MUST be an artist and have no other choice!  Being an artist is hard work!  Mine is 70 hours/week.

So, what did I do today, a typical day in my life?

  • My first job was to take a payment on a sold painting with my Square.
  • Reached out to a designer that I want to work with in the future.
  • Breakfast - social media.  I’m more of a content creator because it’s my business.  I try to post on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and sometimes Pinterest.  It’s how I generate business.  Artists need to be good writers.
  • Worked on a commission
  • Made a couple painting videos
  • A few more touches on that commission so it will dry for the next layer...
  • Went to the gym and worked out and swam for a couple hours
  • Took a nap!
  • Social media posting.  I’d like to paint all day but the paintings would sit in our house and have conventions if I did only that.  An artist these days should paint only 10% of the time and work on the business the other 90% of the time.
  • Continuing work on that commission. 
  • A nice cozy fire with my hubby and daughter.  Recruited them to help me finish some coasters; preparing for an upcoming Christmas show.
  • I teach five art classes and completely write my own curriculum so I worked on class preparation tonight.  It takes me an average of six hours a week to prepare and maintain my classes, which does not include teaching them, ordering supplies, transit, cleanup, emails answering questions, preparing my own work to use as examples, researching art history, sending assignments, ‘student management,’ chasing payments.
  • Conversation with clients, having them check on almost-finished piece.
  • Watched one TV show with fam and enjoyed our fire.
  • Stumbling around doing house things and last check of social media.
  • BED!

This is a typical day, but they vary widely.  The underlying tie is discipline.  Don’t even contemplate an artistic career unless you are one disciplined human!  So... if you’re interested in the arts, it would be a lot easier instead of producing art yourself to just buy mine!! :)

Also, there’s a myth about artists looking fab and wearing high heels when the paint.  Forget that.  Just forget it.  HERE is the dirty truth!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

An Artist’s Palette

Palette of the Day.  My most-used tool.  I think palettes are beautiful.  This one represents animal fur and animal noses. :)

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Dog Painting

After painting so many wild animals I wanted to paint a domesticated one.  Well, this slobber dog at least has a chance of being domesticated, and the crazy background symbolizes his path of destruction.  Wouldn’t you love to own an excitable pup of your own that you don’t have to clean up after?  All my acrylics are protected and all you need do is wipe them off with a damp cloth.  That’s much easier than a dog!  Find details and more pics at

Here I am holding it so you can see what size it is: :)

Friday, November 1, 2019

Golden QOR Watercolors

Oh my lucky, lucky students! I have used every watercolor under the sun and when Golden Paints came out with these QOR colors a few years ago I switched without a backward glance.  Perfect for professional artists, perfect for everyone else too. I absolutely adore teaching watercolor to others.

These QOR sets come ‘High Chroma,’ ‘Earth Colours’ and another one which is called something like ‘Traditional Colours.’  I have a nice set of 12 with a bigger tin.  The wells are in the lid - you can see the lids have different sized circles in them.  Perfect.  They just make so much sense.

DID YOU KNOW.... you should never use watercolors straight from the tube?  Squeeze them onto your palette and let them dry.  When you’re ready to paint, re-hydrate them with a squirt bottle.  If you use it straight out of the tube it will waste paint.  A tube of watercolor paint, used correctly, can last for YEARS.