Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Here are two little 5"x7" bees I just finished.  

The above one is for sale on my site, 

The below painting is already gone.

Oh my goodness, I love them! Aren't they just so cute?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gold Gesso?

This is how they billed the gold gesso I ordered from Japan. I suppose I could use it two ways... colorcatstudios101.etsy.com


Friday, August 26, 2016

Back to School!

Back to school is busy for me!  Art supplies!!!!

I've been making the kids reach into the jaws of death for their supplies.  :). We named this fellow 'Two.'


You have no idea how much miscellany I have to purchase!


Community Center Hanging

New paintings in the Community Center as of this morning!  There were about ten of us hanging and probably a total of thirty or so paintings hung.  We didn't think to take pictures until almost everyone was gone, so these are the photos of the late hanger-oners.

This first picture is me and a good friend, Gary Hernandez.  His lovely Christ is pictured behind him, and my 'The Better to See You With, My Dear' wolf behind me.  These two paintings greet anyone that comes through the front doors.

It seems appropriate to me to have Christ, the Good Shepherd, next to the wolf - methinks that wolf won't be able to misbehave under close scrutiny.

This second picture is Lauren Combs and Gary, with Lauren's beautiful abstract in muted tones.  She said that this painting didn't photograph well.  I'm here to second that.  When you see it in person, it's heavenly, breathy and visually stunning.  In a photo, kind of ho hum.  You're just going to have to go out and look at this one in person.  It is BEAUTIFUL, and... it's for sale!

Here is another of Lauren's pieces, an encaustic in bold colors.  Love.


The Chinese lanterns are mine.  I named them 'Breezy,' because it seems they're swinging in a breezy, sunny sky.  Lots of texture in this one doesn't really cross over into photography, either.

Almost all the paintings in the Woodlands Community Center are for sale.  There are several that are display only, and a couple, like Gary's, that are displayed for the purpose of advertising for new students in his painting and drawing classes. 

You can look all of us up under The Woodlands Art League.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Artist's Studio

Here's my desk.  An always-changing, never-boring parade of stuff.

Black coffee - of course!  I even like it cold!  As long as it's black.

Windex - gotta clean stuff up!

Paint... goes without saying...

I have the paint can opener sitting there because I think at this point we were actually painting my studio floor.  It was a summer project to pull out the really gross paint-droppings carpet and give it a nice clean coat of paint.  Oh, thank you, Lord - a nice clean floor!  Any new paint droppings will just add to the flavor and mood of the room.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Artist Palette

Some of the tools of my trade.

These I used in the painting of my cutie little raccoon.  Did you know that the distance between a raccoon's eyes and nose are a perfect equilateral triangle?  Who'd a' thunk?!  AND, the distance between a 'coon's nose and ears is another perfect equilateral triangle!  Cool, huh?

I try really hard to make my work look easy.  It's not.  When you look at my raccoon, which I entitled, 'Oh, Baby!' it looks pretty spontaneous.  Most of it is abstract.  That's all because of good planning.

By the time I even touched paint, I had measured, remeasured, and drawn the 'baby' down in charcoal onto the canvas, knowing it would be completely covered with paint.  BUT... that was also the guideline to my fast laydown of 'abstract' paint layers!

This painting was 80% perspiration, 20% painting. :)  You can find 'Oh, Baby' elsewhere in this blog, and for sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com.

Metal Embossing

Here is a portion of a metal embossing piece I did. Gorgeous #patina on the copper #metal . Also note the cool effects on the #wood ; this was all laid down with #paint and #mediums before I mounted the #embossed metal. Find it at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com #colorcatstudios #embossing #art 

There is a much better description and pics on the website.


A. A. Milne Quote

I love A. A. Milne, and have oft quoted Winnie the Pooh in casual conversation. Here is a lovely and so very true quote, which I laid down on a cutaway of one of my paintings.  

(Painting for sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com)


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Art Classes!

Yep. Getting ready for my art classes. I teach at two sites and still have room.   It's going to be a great year!

Web Surfer

Here's a closeup of my new #painting of a #websurfer . Big presence at 24"x32" for sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com 


Testing Pigments

Today I'm testing pure pigments, which here come in a powdered form with no binder whatsoever.  Color theory and the relation of colors to each other are paramount for the artist.

I guess this is what you would call the artist's equivalent to a musician studying scales and keys.  It also makes it easy for me when I'm looking for the perfect colors to flesh out my ideas.  I just refer back to this, and I can see how particular colors blend.


Web Surfer

A closeup of my gamer.  For sale colorcatstudios101.etsy.com.  There you will find a good description and all kinds of information about him.
Here's the entire picture.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bernini's Elephant

This elephant delighted us in Rome, and my drawing still delights me.  My husband and I were literally wandering the streets and we went around a corner and - behold - Bernini's beautiful elephant!  That man was prolific!

  For sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chinese Calligraphy

Now and then I have to work out my Chinese calligraphy.  What a rich development of language they have!  I love the way the characters have changed through the years.

The top two (back row) on the outside are the same character.  This character means paintbrush. Originally, the character looked like a hand holding a brush, and if you could see the way it has developed, you would think it still looks like it!

The two characters in the front, bottom, which are the same mean perfume.  This one is more easy to see.  Perfume originates from plants, of course.  You can see the pot and the plant growing from it.  Makes perfect sense! :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chinese Lantern, Festival

Here is a closeup of my painting, 'Festival,' which shows the many transparent layers glowing upon each other.  I love its vibrance! For sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com. You can also find other photos of this, showing detail and overall impact.  This is one of three Chinese lantern paintings.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Andrew Wyeth Quote

This is an Andrew Wyeth quote on a photo of my working, charcoaly hands.


Music Man Sets

Just found these scenes from The a Music Man.  I was in charge of #sets and the train was a fun one. Especially enjoyed painting the suitcases.

This was a show CYT did several years ago.  I was teaching sets classes at that time.  Those were fun classes.  It was also REALLY helpful to have ten or 15 students to help me put together the sets!  I'm also proud to know that I've raised up a new generation of people that actually know how to clean brushes (a decided minority).


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sold! Guy on Fire!

Sold! I name him 'GUY ON FIRE!' He's given me many smiles. May his new owner enjoy many smiles as well. I painted him around the time of The Hunger Games movies, featuring... The Girl on Fire!!!  and really just thought we needed a guy on fire too.  :)


Daniel Smith Gold

Mourning the end of my #danielsmith gold paint. I loved you well! Prepping a canvas for charcoal. Have a really cool pics in mind...



Pennants! Man, I love this #painting ! Still searching for a good name for it. Ideas?  I've given it the working name, 'Pennants,' but that's pretty boring.

It's funny, but I've always been attracted to these.  You don't know how many times I've seen flying flags and pennants and turned around and driven back to sit under them and watch them wave for a while.  I like to think that it's because they represent events and fun and special occasions and sales, but really, I just think they're fascinating to watch.  Maybe it's some combination of all these things.  Especially on a breezy day.  The flapping and snapping just makes me feel free, glad to be sitting under a sunny sky, glad to be alive, and glad to be free.

Wow.  With all that, you'd think I could come up with a good name, huh?

 Buy some of this breezy happiness at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com .  There you can find closeups and a description of materials, size, price, etc.

Here are some different views:

I used this hot orange for the sunny highlights.  Man, it makes the entire painting pop.  Love.  It's Matisse Cadmium Orange - Poison!  Yeah.  That's literally what's on the label.  Don't worry, it's only poison to me, not to you.  Once it's dry, it's fine

Ah.... just makes me happy looking at it again!  I wanted fresh fun in the background, too, so added all kinds of color and texture in with the blues.  Hard to believe a mind can turn these textures and colors into a sky, huh?  Wow - what a God we have to give us minds like this!  You first looked at all those crazy mixes and thought 'sky' within the blink of an eye.

The following is the entire painting.  Writing this up, I just decided that if I have a blue day, I just need to spend some time looking at this piece!

If I remember correctly, the dimensions are 30"x24"  

Charcoal Hands

I'm working with #charcoal today. Laying it down on a gold canvas. One of our sons took this beautiful photo, and I was delighted to see how it turned out!  I keep charcoal in these little terracotta pots.

When we went to The Netherlands we visited Rembrandt's house.  What a delight it was to visit his place.  It's a five story house, typical of what you'd find in Amsterdam.  His studio was on the top floor where he would get the best light for his work.  The second to the top floor was for his eclectic collection of odd things to paint.  I distinctly remember - being from Texas - seeing that he had an armadillo.  Ha!  That would have been exotic to him!  Actually, a LIVE armadillo would be pretty exotic to me - we only find them dead on the road.  Sorry, but it's true.  We've lived here 17 years and I've only seen one live armadillo.

Oh, goodness, I loved the Netherlands.  I'm Dutch. It did my heart good to find so many white skinned, freckly, frizzy haired people - my people - in one place.  Made me feel right at home.

 Rembrandt used these little pots for paint mixing.  Of course in those days, they had to mix their own, and it was a very laborious project.  I need to think of that when it takes me a long time to prepare myself and my studio for painting.  I picked up a few replicas in the gift shop and have loved them well.  This particular one is covered in paint because I also use them for mixing.

Even the charcoal and the hands are beautiful.  God fitted us for creativity. Creativity itself is a gift from God.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

'Smile' Cat Painting

Now listed! Changing with light, see the many faces of 'Smile.' Colorcatstudios101.etsy.com

Oh, my goodness, I love this kitty!  Fashioned after a Maine Coon, I changed mid-stream and just had to add just a little bit of Cheshire to it.  I put a solid layer of gold behind the eyes and extremely thin layers of color over the gold so the eyes would reflect like a real cat's.

The entire painting changes a lot in different lights, but the eyes continue to glow. You can see different views of it under different lighting situations at my website noted above, or elsewhere in this blog.

Sweet baby!


Emerald Leaf

Here's another cutaway. The whole universe seems contained in these paintings.  So beautiful!


Glowing Emerald Leaf

A cutaway of my Emerald Leaf. The depth of layers and reflections is endlessly fascinating. Colorcatstudios101.etsy.com 


Friday, August 5, 2016

Cat Not Yet for Sale

Just finished this one, but I'm having a hard time photographing it.  It's almost exclusively reflective gold and bronze paint, thus making the job more difficult.  I won't put it up on my website til I get good pics. Meanwhile, here is another sneak peek:

Oh he really is so adorable! I painted in heavy gold for the eyes, then painted thin films of yellows and greens so that the gold reflects through.  Like... well, cat eyes! ;)


New Painting!

Another #painting in my #animal series coming! #colorcatstudios #cats colorcatstudios101.etsy.com


Shipping them Out!

One painting off to the other side of the world. Still have a #painting for you! colorcatstudios101.etsy.com 


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Biking Painting Sold

SOLD! This one will be heading to Abu Dhabi. The shipping is actually costing them more than the painting.  This really is a lovely negative space painting.  The drips add to the motion.  I love it.


Another Spine

Well, what else would a spine doctor want? Flowers? In fact, the office manager told me that was the LAST thing they wanted!

This human spine is a completely different animal from my charcoal one i just posted. Destined for the same doctor. This is a small cutaway of a 30x30" 


This hopefully will be a fun one for people to get lost in whilst waiting for the good doctor.

Monday, August 1, 2016


And you thought I was kidding when I said I was going on to paint human spines! Nope! An artist never knows what's next, that's what makes it exciting!

Let's see... This summer I've painted...
A Texas beach landscape
A cat
A raccoon
Three lantern paintings
And three paintings concerning the human spine.  Here's one:


This one is really nice. I did layers of gold and varied the direction and application of brush strokes for maximum shine and reflection from every angle. Then drew the spine, then did the antiquing. Today was varnishing day.  Voila!

Chinese Lanterns Series

And now, together for the first time.... My Chinese lanterns!  I'm now satisfied with these three and ready to go on to... well, painting human spines.  So, unless I have a powerful, paying patron that comes along wanting a 36 foot mural of lanterns - wow - that would be fun! - I think I'm done.

Because I'm varnishing, they're all together here, having a little party before they go their separate ways.  Curious which one you like best?

1- Night Lights
2- Festival or 
3- Breezy

Individual shots...



Here you have it! They're  also all for sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com