Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pippy’s Adventures Painting Series

As you go into the new week, be kind.  Remember, if a cat and bird can be friends, then we all can be kind to everyone. 

I began this series of paintings, Pippy’s Adventures, after our son’s cat, Pippy.  This loveable, unforgettable cat has gotten into more trouble than all the 30 plus cats we’ve had in our life.  Getting stuck on the roof, getting stuck up trees, meeting neighbor cats not-in-a-good-way, bringing home lots of... small animals...  Every other day or so one of us says ‘bring the antibiotic and come and help me with Pippy’ as a matter of course.  Life is an adventure with this kooky, intrepid cat that I tried not to love.  Didn’t work, little stinker.  Anyway, I have just a few Pippy paintings left in my shop.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Leaves on the Ground Painting

Happy Saturday! The best photo in this bunch is the last one. ;) 

Today’s a good day to walk around to see what beautiful things are laying on the ground.  It’s fall!  Let’s think fall and maybe it will cool off a bit. 

The days are getting shorter.  This painting is available, and yes, these three photos are of the same painting which I created with color shifting paint!  Aren’t they beautiful?
You never know what’s going to inspire an artist.  Visit me at

Friday, August 28, 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The work Behind a Painting

How do you prepare yourself for a piece of work?  As for me, my paintings don’t just jump out.  Idea, brainstorm, lots of thumbnail sketches .  Finally, getting the drawing onto the paper or canvas and then working out the colors.  This swatch?  I had a painting ready and wanted to choose three good, warm colors that would compliment each other.  So, when you see anybody’s art , appreciate it for how much consideration and work has gone into it.  AND... this is a hint of things to come!! 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Lessons in Art

Take a look at this beautiful sunset.  Look at the tree with the sun behind it.  I’m going to assume  ;) you know that the tree doesn’t stop at the sun and have the top half of the tree floating in space above it.  You know the tree is whole; your mind attaches it even though you can’t see it.  In art, that’s called an implied line.  

Now, I have two paintings, Grant Wood’s and mine.  Mine is super simplistic compared to his.  You see the wire that Pippy and the bird are sitting on.  You KNOW that the wire is constant, even though I broke it up for interest.  Implied line.

  Grant Wood’s is more complex; you can see how the man’s ladder points toward George; how the man’s hand points toward George’s ax, how the narrator leads you toward the cherry tree. Even the little tassel balls on the curtain lead you down to the narrator.  Implied line.  

There.  Now you’ve had your art lesson for the day. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2020

New Art

Where, you ask, do I get my inspiration?  Well, after spending a whole lot of serious work on these I took a photo that might give you a hint.  
Rocks.  Leaves.  Pine needles.
So pretty!!

The OTHER photos are all of the same painting. 

These are jewel-like and soo pretty.  I wish you could see them in person.  Oh! you CAN!
Here’s where you can find them to make them your own:

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mixed Media Print, a Complicated Mix

This one’s called ‘In a Dream.’  If you know me you know I like a complicated mix of color texture and design.  This piece is a combination of all these things with the added bonus of shimmery paints below the linoleum block print. As we all need some cheering up these days, my mission is to put really great art at an affordable price into everyone’s hands.  Super cool art, little price. 🙂. Find this super cool, cheery little piece for only $25.00 at
Nice polish, too, right? :)
This piece is soo beautiful in person.  Here it looks okay; in person it fairly glows.  Oh, it DOES glow!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Back to School Stickers

Know anybody going back to school? Wow!!  Boy could you cheer them up with these holographic stickers! Soo gorgeous.  Find them at
. You can also find a couple videos there which show off their color-changing, holo goodness.
These are the four holographic stickers I’ve got on my website right now.

Pretty glorious, huh.  As an aside, I spent an hour photographing and videoing these stickers.  When it came time to load them on my site, I found that all the stickers had little pieces of dust on them.  Had to ditch all the photos and start over again.  Oh, brother!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Rocks and Roots Series

These are part of my Rock and Root Series which I began after looking down at a sidewalk with paving stones and gravel.  

They shine like jewels and as you can see change colors with the light.  Three of these photos are of the same card.  

Man, aren’t they GORGEOUS??!! 

This makes it a challenge because I have to make sure all colors are complimentary at all angles.  Teeny tiny art, to cheer in big ways.  

Spent the entire day putting them on my website where you can find them:
And here’s what inspired this series!