Friday, August 31, 2018

Little Floral

Flowers ALWAYS make me happy, and since it’s the weekend - let’s be glad! This is a closeup of one section of a painting I created in response to the pot of plants outside our front door.  The colors, layers and subject cheer me. You, too can be cheered by going to my website and making it your own!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tiny Art, Artist Trading Cards

Teeny Tiny Art Time!  Wow! Can you believe it’s finally back? This little piece is only 2 1/2”x3 1/2” in a series of four masks I created.  I’ve shown it with some bullet casings for size. As we’re back in school and I’m an art teacher, my time is broken up and I don’t have as much time to create.  Looking at my past work and creating small inspires me, then I’m off to big stuff again! Plus, I LOVE artist trading cards!

If you’re interesting in trading Artist Trading Cards, let me know.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Lion Painting

This lion is a direct descendant of my first lion.  A client liked the previous one but wanted a different size and different colors and this is the result.  I do really love the colors of this one, and rather than predatory, like my first one, this one looks like a paradise lion. Sold, but I have mini-posters and magnets.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Drawing of Piglet

School is IN SESSION! Drawing 101 in all classes to start the year right!  Here’s my five minute in-class demo teaching beginning drawing. This involves space, line, texture and values.  Enough for one day. Piglet!  He could be better, but hey, five minutes!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Animal Magnets for Sale

My little red panda magnet has decided to make friends with my other available magnets.  These and more on my website. Lions and tigers and... red pandas, oh my!

I’ve also got magnets of my owl painting, my wolf painting, and my bear painting. :). Love them all.  Oh, and another lion which was commissioned as she liked this lion but wanted different colors and a different size. :)


Oh my goodness I love watercolors!  I usually use tube watercolors but am stepping out and trying some liquids for a change.  Yes, because the bottles were pretty; that’s a valid reason for purchase.

These bottles glowing in the sun really do make me want to get busy!

 Sometimes even one color will inspire me, then I’m off painting again. What inspires you?

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Artistic Magnets for Sale

I just posted these magnets this afternoon and am so excited to share these from my #etsy shop: Red Panda Magnets . The painting was a commission and is sold, but has been so well loved I made magnets to spread the joy! You can find other magnets as well including two lions, a tiger, a bear, an owl and a raccoon. Now THAT’S what I call fun mail!
Below is a closeup of the original.  I zoomed in on it so you could see how beautiful it is.

The entire piece...

Yours truly holding it so you can get the dimensions.  I do commissions so you could have me paint your heart’s desire too! It’s a fun process that you would enjoy.  At this time, I’m commissioned to paint:
1) Someone’s bulldog (actually, it’s a surprise gift for her friend, who owns the dog. ;)
2) Someone’s house

Here pictured with a couple other magnets that I offer.

Oh goodness, aren’t they adorable!

They’re $3.00 each. I posted on my website that if you order ten I put in an extra two when I ship out. :)

Pretty sure you need magnets!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


You’ve got two last chances to see this fabulous show! NEWSIES! It’s been a smash hit.  There are only two more shows - tomorrow night (Thursday) and Friday. Even if you get spots in the nosebleed section, you’ll be glad you did. for tickets. 

Note the scaffolding which was raw wood.  They asked me to paint it to make it look like metal.  :). I like it!

Red Panda Magnets

Coming soon to my website, magnets of this adorable red panda I was commissioned to paint this summer. It’s a colorful stunner and the magnets are just downright cute. :) Get ready!

In the meantime, you can check out my website for all kinds of other fun stuff!

What a face!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

An Artist’s Hair

Artists.  The ones with the weird hair.  So nice to see you today, @lydia_grayce ! You look adorable! Break a leg in Seven Brides; so glad you loved Newsies! 

Seriously, our bodies and hair are really just more canvas to cover.  So... I guess if you want to have a painting commissioned, chase down someone with crazy-colored hair. The odds will be that they can do it for you.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Newsies at the Crighton NOW!

You absolutely do not want to miss this show! I dare you to find one better! Newsies!  This weekend and next ONLY, and the tickets are going fast! It’s at the Crighton Theater in Conroe. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fun Mail!

Don’t we all just love to get fun stuff in the mail? You, too, can get fun stuff, but first you have to ORDER it!  Outgoing!!! Get on my website and find something fun to find in your mailbox besides bills and junk mail. #reallycoolartcancometoyoutoo!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Three New Coaster Designs

Here’s a little overview of my three new coasters.  Which one do you like best? For me, it seems like my favorite is the one in my hand at the moment.

These creative hands have come to represent, at least for ME, creativity in all humankind.

Sweet as a daisy.

Making the keyboard look good.

Really love this design.

And here they are, all together. :)

I wanted to take a couple shots to show how shiny and reflective they are. LOVE! ❤️ And yes, we keep Christmas lights up all year ‘round in this window, hence the reflections.

You can find all these on my website,

You can also follow me on Instagram as Color_Cat_Cindy :). See you!

Chrysanthemum Woodblock Coasters

Here is the third in my series of artistic coasters.  This one features a woodblock into which I carved a chrysanthemum for printmaking. It’s made many beautiful prints.  With woodblocks you can make maybe 100 prints before the wood begins to shrink, swell and split. I always retire mine before that happens because the blocks themselves are such a thing of beauty.  So... by creating these coasters, it’s a way of sharing the beauty! They’re on my site, for $8.00 a pop!

You can see by these last photos that they’re super glossy and reflective.  LOVE! 
It deepens the colors and they are just gorgeous.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Creative Hands Coasters

Here’s the second in my new series of coasters! I put my treasured Bob Ross keychain that one of my students gave me next to it for size comparison.  This is a photo of my hands holding a pot of charcoal. The pot is a reproduction of the ones Rembrandt used, which we purchased in his home/museum in Amsterdam.  These coasters are now available in my shop for $8.00 each.  Think about them for gifts as well as for yourself.

Raccoon on Coasters!

I am so excited; I’m getting ready for a show and just received the coasters I ordered! Here’s the first one, my little raccoon.  The coasters are super glossy and have a nice cork back to protect your tables.  Just what you need to ‘fun up’ your household. At $8.00 each and free shipping, they’re just what the doctor ordered, and a fabulous way to knock out some gifts. Here’s my adorable coaster conversing with a fork so you can note the size. Find them at


Friday, August 3, 2018

Watercolor and Mixed Media Florals

Celebrate the heat of summer and find some cool florals on my website.  Just what you need to make you go ‘aaaahhhhh...’ 

Check out my website at
to find all kinds of florals, and more pictures of this painting too!

Art Teacher Preparations

Remember your teachers, people, because we spend August working like crazy people whilst you are laying around the pool. I’ve laid up $1,000.00 worth of supplies (you’re welcome, Jerry’s Artarama) so far in preparation for my classes.  A couple classes are full, but I still have a bit of room in my others.  Teaching in The Woodlands and in Conroe.  For formal homeschool classes in all subjects, check us out at:

 (The Woodlands)



And by the way, if you are looking for a FABULOUS pencil, find those big Jet Blacks at Jerry’s.  LOVE.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

You Need Art Classes!

Meet the artist responsible for this crazy feed.  Well, my HAIR is ready for school, now for the rest.  Still have wiggle room in some of my art classes.  Look at and for class info, schedules and teacher info.