Friday, September 17, 2010

A Musician's Musings

Now that it’s September, I mark three years since my car accident. I’ve been thinking about life. I remember that date, September 6, and rejoice that I’m alive. Looking through my diary, I just found the following entry which I wrote last Christmas. I stood before our congregation at church and spoke before playing a solo.

I’m thinking about some of you who may not be having a very good Christmas. Like many musicians, one of the most important things about Christmas for me is to make music. Well, last Christmas was a very difficult one for me – you see, there was no music.

About 14 months ago, I was on Highway 45 going 70 mph with the line of traffic, and it suddenly came to a stop. A big, Dodge duely didn’t even slow down and smashed into the back of me. Changed my life! Last Christmas, there were many things I couldn’t do, one of which was holding up this 300 pound flute.

When I come into this building, I look around and think, ‘these are my people.’ Many of you don’t even know me, and I bet you didn’t realize that you were my people! I can’t help but smile when I’m with you because I love you all. I’m standing before you today because many of you walked through this last year with me. You knew that behind this smile there was a lot of pain.

I’m here because of you. I’m recovering because of physical therapists that are trying very hard to kill me. But I’m here especially because of my nine year old son, Noah, who prayed for me every day, day in and day out, faithfully, even when I couldn’t pray for myself. Thank you, Noah!

So, I stand before you today with music welling up from my very soul. Music in thanks to the One who created us, who formed the mountains, who made the wind, who declares His thoughts to us, who makes the morning darkness and treads upon the high places of the earth, the LORD GOD OF HOSTS IS HIS NAME.”

Then I played ‘Mary Did You Know,’ and it was truly beautiful. Thank YOU, Lord, that I can play again! For over a year, I couldn’t sit at all as I have bulging discs. Even as I sit here and type, my left leg is tingly and numb. Excruciatingly slowly, I’m getting better, and I continue each and every day with my 20 minutes of sweaty, therapeutic exercises. All this to say – life is very special. Let’s all walk worthy of our Creator and LIVE.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and that I didn't know. I was so caught up in my own little world over here with, at the time, a 1 year old and four other children. I wasn't good about reading all of the emails and so didn't catch it. I know you have through so much this past year. I am so glad you are still here and you are recovering and that you can do your art and play your music for God and others to enjoy. I will pray that God gives you a complete recovery and that you can live pain free.

    Marty has bulging discs as well. He has found great relief through regular massages and the exercises from the Pain Free by Pete Egoscue books and dvds. He pops in the dvd. It lines your body up much like going to a chiropractor does and relieves pain. I'm sure the exercises you are doing are working for you. Just wanted to share this resource in case you ever need it.

    Trudy &

  2. hello, i wanted to thank you for taking the time to write me a bit about your own horrific experience, to say you heard me and know the trials we must sometimes walk...i too suffer from chronic pain from degenerative disc disease so understand "a bit" of what you have been through...i have read some of your blog and realize you have a deep and tender faith that sustains when times are hard...this is indeed, a great blessing and that you are willing to share with whomever comes by, your way of Seeing, is an art in itself.

    again, much gratitude to you for leaving me a comment, for saying you means a great amount more than i can ever write here in this tiny box, something i am sure you realize. please visit again!♥

    and now-i am going to read about your interesting adventures in art, living and faith as an artist, coping and enduring and trusting things are good. xx

  3. Hey, Linda - have you gone to a physical therapist? I faithfully went (out of desperate need!) for almost two years, one or two times a week. He ended up giving me exercises from his wrestling days and ones he made up on top of all the normally-prescribed ones. What he told me was that he's working and busy because of people having back surgeries, so I'm avoiding it like the plague. He said that there's not much I can do about my discs, but I can strengthen my core around them to protect them. I'm really faithful with it, and it's helped a lot. (Buns of steel! :0 )

    But much deeper than that, you guessed it, is my faith. Christ is my Friend, my protecter, and holds the shadow of his wings over me. How can I fail with Him on my side? Yes, there are many, many dark times, as you well know, but never so dark when I always can see the Light at the end.