Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sketchpad Cover

I have a pile of little sketchpads up on a shelf, each one of them has some kind of design on the outside.  They're all small, about 4"x6".  I usually prefer the Moleskines - the black covered ones (everyone needs a 'little black book.')  The black covers give me the freedom to make my own mark, plus they're cheaper than the ones with fancy covers.  Like mine better anyway!

For this particular cover I painted thick gold acrylic over a textured plate and pressed it on.  Once the gold paint had dried, I painted over it with various colored inks.  Voila!


  1. you do come up with the coolest ideas...perhaps that is why you are a teacher?? [lightbulb goes on:)

    love this, what a good idea! have a great week. xx

  2. Hi, Linda, Yeah, I like having a few projects in my back pocket that are easy, original, and, for pretty much everyone, turn out looking great. The metal embossing is another one - even extremely non-artistic people can make pretty good looking work with that stuff.

  3. I have one of these in the same size and color. Great idea for embellishing the cover.

    You asked me about Etsy: It's been straight-forward thus far and I like selling my work through their site. I've tried several sites and have dropped all the others and am just keeping etsy. My style matches etsy better.

    The ones I dropped are: artfire, dart, wwar, artwanted. There's others as well which I haven't tried and don't see trying any in the future. You can search "selling venues" in the etsy business topics forum to see what others are saying.

  4. oops... I meant to add,

    let me know if you have any more questions:)

  5. Thanks, Juana, especially for the ones NOT to try - ha, ha! So much online stuff to wade through, it's nice to have direction. :)