Monday, March 14, 2011

Missions Trip Preparations

Hello, Wonderful People!
My postings have gone way down this past couple weeks because I'm preparing for a missions trip.  People from all over the country are coming together to form an orchestra.  I'm a flute.  We'll all meet state-side in two weeks, and then fly out together.
At our destination, they are desperate for a drum kit.  Last week it was my privilege to put together a kit.  One of my friends donated all the drums and hardware, a hi-hat stand, another cymbal stand and the throne (always thought it was interesting that drummers call it a 'throne.')  A friend going on the trip with me donated a goodly amount so I could purchase cymbals and another stand, and voila!  Complete kit!
It would have been rather a comedy to see me carrying all this stuff into the UPS store.  Seven trips and a lot of weight!  Can't say I've actually mailed a drum kit before!  Seven packages.  Five drums, one cymbal pack, and one box filled with hardware and a throne. 
Now comes the rest of the job - to pray that everything makes it all right, and that our orchestra can get it through customs.  As far as I'm concerned, if God wants it in, nothing on this earth can keep it out.  It's my job to pray and believe.

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