Friday, June 15, 2012

A Visit to the Louvre in Paris

We just got back from a three-country European tour, with our last stop in Paris.  This is a short video I took just to give the flavour of what it's like walking through the Louvre, and how many walk WITH you as you progress!  What a museum!  And yes, we were allowed to take videos and pictures, as long as you didn't use a flash.  That surprised me as most museums don't permit this anymore.

Most people understand you couldn't see everything they have in less than a month.  I do know that I walked my little legs off on the only day I could go, and barely scratched the surface.  As this was our second time there, I knew what I was up against and simply enjoyed the day, picking out a few particular must-sees, and enjoying surprises as they came along.
Here I am getting ready to enter the Louvre.  It's a big, U-shaped building which comprises, as I understand, eight miles of galleries.  I believe it.
 What you see here is under the glass pyramid, once you've entered.  It gives access to all the wings and levels, and is a beautiful sight in itself.
 I took this shot of the pyramid and its surrounding pools as I sat on a balcony having lunch.
 This was under one of the lesser pyramids.  They bring great light into the halls below, and are so sumptuous to behold.
 Yep.  There it is.  Right... THERE!


  1. Thanks for the tour. I have been there a few times myself, but it was fun to see from your aspect. Love the photo of you standing on the pillar. Took the same one of my granddaughter!

  2. Thanks, Carol - I came over to your blog and see that we enjoy the same thing - colorful, happy life!