Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hawaiian Masks

This summer we took our entire family to Hawaii.  Aside from the gaping, eight inch in diameter coral injury that took me to the travel disease specialist (who knew?) it was an unforgettably wonderful trip.

One of the things my oldest son really liked was the Hawaiian warrior masks.  They were all so different and entertaining, I had to like them as well.

When we came back, I pulled out a couple photographs I'd taken and got out the paint.  I'm really satisfied with these colors as they're reminiscent of Hawaii, especially the greens and turquoises.  Sshhhh!  This one's a secret!  It's for my son for Christmas.

I did this one in a similar fashion as the angel I just finished; painting the background with warms.  After that, it was mostly painting negative space to do the masks, with some bright red to make it pop.  Much of the greens and blues I painted in with my fingers, leaving my fingerprints, a part of myself, there for him to see.  Much of the cool colors are applied quite thinly so you can see the primary layers.  I like it.  I'm taking a poll to see if I should make prints out of this one.

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