Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Eiffel Tower and Favorite Artists

Presenting.... la tour d'Eiffel!  I just finished this one last night, and, as usual - bright colors.

With this method of painting, I incorporated work with a big, 2" flat brush for the background, laying down two layers of pure color, one right over the top of the other, so the hues could glow right through each other. 

After a couple days' drying time, I drew in the Eiffel Tower (lightly, in yellow, students).  After that, I laid down the glues and greens of the Tower with a liner brush.  All of the background I painted with my fingers and hands.  It's a very rewarding way to paint, and I think leaves some nice effects. I also left my fingerprints in many places, so if anybody kidnaps me, you can always find my fingerprints in my paintings!

It was Matisse that talked about always being surprised when artists muddied the colors and preferred bright, unsullied color.  If I had to identify with any artist's color strategy, it would likely be Matisse.  I do really enjoy his work, and consider his "Woman in the Purple Coat," which our museum owns, actually partially mine.

Which brings me to consider... who are my favorite artists?  Okay...
Van Gogh - color - wonderful painterly style
Maxfield Parrish - glowing, lush paintings
Monet - shimmering, color
Bouguereau - unbelievable talent and perfection
Rembrandt - easily recognizable gorgeous work, all.
Tiffany (can I include stained glass?  yes.) layered colors of glory
Gustave Dore - incredible detail and mastery of, well, anything he touches
da Vinci - good at pretty much everything he does, yet unsatisfied with himself.  Didn't leave much, but what he left is breathtaking.  As an artist and a person, I identify most closely to da Vinci. 
Michelangelo - incredible bodies
Love M. C . Escher- fun, cerebral work

It will be difficult to name the top three - Parrish, Bouguereau and Monet, I guess.  Or I could say, 'whomever's art is in front of me at the moment.'

contemporary artists:
Janet Fish - oh, the colors!  They never end!  I never tire of looking at her gems!
Dale Chihuly - glowing, flowing color in glass.  Like a volcano of continually-erupting beauty.

I digress. 

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