Saturday, June 22, 2013

Metal Embossing Class at Gallery

 This was a small class I taught at the gallery doing metal embossing.  Because there were only four of us, we got a lot done and really enjoyed ourselves.  Here are two working at the table.

 I really like the metal piece Nichole, above did.  She created a little anchor.  I never did get photos, but we painted boxes outside to match the metal pieces which would be later glued to them.  She had a box that she painted in all these colors which had previously housed a new I-phone.  GREAT boxes - I use them as well!

After we embossed metal to mount on our boxes, we did bigger metal pieces to mount on canvas boards, which we also painted to match.  Nichole ended up with a beautiful face of a woman, hair flowing.  Here she is doing the initial drawing.

Alex was proud of her background frame, for good reason.  She really got into her work. :)

This photo shows her with her garden path, which she planned to mount on the frame below.

This girl could have painted all day!
Lots of fun.  They learned a lot and we had some really nice pieces to show for our work.

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