Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Illustrating a Book

I've been commissioned to illustrate a book!  I'm not at liberty to give any details about it, but my life has fallen into a pattern these days.  Another artist was hired for this project but dropped the ball by not coming through with art, so I've got a serious deadline.  THREE MORE WEEKS!  I've been at it for two weeks already.

So, here's my daily routine.  I've set a goal for myself at one painting a day in order to get this done.

- Read the text
- Do quick thumbnail sketches of ideas for the page
- Pose family members and take photos of us in the correct positions
- Send to the printer and print those puppies out
- Find inspiration for the entire scene
- Lay out my discoveries and do more detailed sketches
- A couple sketches of whomever I shot
- Final pencil on watercolor paper, transforming my real people into cartoon, jewel people
- Ink in the pencil with technical pen
- Paint

This includes sending ideas/sketches and final pencil to the author, and a lot of discussion between the two of us.

Trust me.  The painting part is easy.

This particular picture is a FAST sketch of one of the legs of one of my characters.  Sorry, that's all you get right now.

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