Saturday, May 10, 2014

Traveling Girl, Blue Ribbon, Professional Mixed Media

 This is my painting entitled Traveling Girl, which just won a blue ribbon in the Woodlands Art League judged show.
I took this from a photograph of one of my high school students.  When I saw it, I told her she better paint it, or I would!  We both did!
Since she's a Traveling Girl with her seat belt firmly fastened, I decided to put maps in - and they're maps of many of my favorite places.  Artist's prerogative. :)
Also into the piece I incorporated pieces of flute music from some musical theatre show I did, and collage material from many sources.  The music represents a happy trip, because to me, driving on a sunny day with some far flung destination, listening to music is always a cherished time.

While I was working on it, my daughter came running to my studio with her hands full of a broken fingernail polish bottle, contents dripping all over.  At that point, it looked like another pigmented medium, so the side of my girl's face is covered with sparkly, pink nail polish.  Just seemed right to add that sparkle since she's in the bright sunshine.
The last thing I added was the earring.  I found it on the sidewalk down by Hubble and Hudson.  Not sure, but I think it's part of someone's wristwatch.  Thank you, mysterious broken-watch person!

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