Monday, July 27, 2015

Commissioned Work - Almost Done

Feeling very satisfied tonight.  Finished a commission on a five foot by seven foot canvas.  Sorry, you don't get to see a picture of this one. It's a black and white, something I generally don't do, and after someone else's style, which is difficult.   Any other person's style is always more difficult than your own.  After all the work I've done on it I have really grown to love this painting.

All I have left now is to let it dry, then it will need some tweeks according to the patron's desires.  At that point, it'll have to dry some more, then get its coats of varnish.

In the meantime, I am exhausted!  After a week of prep and background work, I spent the entire day working on it.

Looks good and I am happy.  I think tonight I'm going to relax and have someone read me a story (Audible, I love you!)

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