Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spring Growth, Part the First

Oh, my goodness, I adore these!  The painting above is half of a diptych I painted.  A diptych is two paintings, painted together to flow as one, and hung side by side.

I was inspired to paint this by a bank of new spring growth, gloriously lighted by the setting sun. It was about gloaming time, so the light was perfect.  I love the fresh look of my little new plants.

The following painting shows a cutaway of the larger one, and a good closeup of the deckled edge.  Deckled is simply the rough edge you see, showing that the paper was made piece by piece.  Very special, and it looks great when floated in a frame to show off those edges.  (Ask your framer, that's a whole 'nother story. :)


The abstract quality of these paintings really shouts out when you look at the closeups!

Love !!!!!

Look for my next post, which will be 'Spring Growth, Part the Second,' to see the other half of this stunner!

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