Friday, January 13, 2017

Newest Painting, 'Enter'

When I'm getting close to the end of my creation process, I often carry the painting around the house and look at it in different lighting situations.  Here I am having a good stare.  This will go on for a couple days, sometimes up to a week.

During this time, I will add a brushstroke here, a dash there, getting increasingly smaller (there's a contradiction of terms for you!) as I go until I'm satisfied.  Most of these changes are not observable to the naked eye, or really, I should say, to any eye other than mine.  These tiny strokes, however, are often the cohesive glue that holds the entire painting together.

And below, my Inspector Extraordinaire.  She's checking it out, too.


Here's the final.  As you can see, this resolution isn't very good.

And following, some small details.  In this one, you can see from the side lighting that there is a lot of texture that is not brought out by just color.

I used a VERY limited palette - really, only four colors.  Naples yellow, ghost green, indigo and black.  I'm really enjoying these more muted colors this winter.

The patterns and the way I applied paint really give a great feeling of movement throughout the painting.  I like it!


You almost feel as if you're looking IN to the painting, with the dark background.  It feels as if you could walk right into it, thus my name, 'Enter.'

Oh, man, I love the splatters!  And I love the way the colors are mixing right on the canvas.

I can see I need to take some more photos in different lighting.  That's always an adventure, too.

Here I am.  After that last brushstroke, I'm always washed with satisfaction.


Sitting next to it to give you a sense of scale.  36"x48" doesn't sound all that big, but this baby makes a very big presence in a room, and really lends its feeling of peace to its surroundings.  Trust me on that one, I've been carting the heavy thing from room to room to examine it!

And yes, it's iced tea.  I'm a Texas girl.  No sugar.  I take my sugar in solid form, thank you very much.  This painting is for sale and can be found on my site,


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