Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Maxfield Parrish Fan Here!

If I was forced to choose, I could pick ten of my most favorite artists of all time. Maxfield Parrish always floats to the top. 
This popular American artist painted in what I call a color-saturated on-steroids classical style, became a household name and introduced beauty upon beauty into American homes. 

He achieved great heights (pun intended) with his mountains, and used props - a mirror placed on his table upon which he placed well-chosen rocks and hit them with a strong side-light. Perfection.  

Oh,my goodness, the colors are so stunning I can hardly breathe!

Most of his scenes work was done later in his life.  He earned his (very rich) bread and butter working for magazines, illustrating calendars, illustrating books, etc., until his name became common.  As he got older, he had the luxury of being able to paint exactly what he wanted.  And boy, could he paint.

How many artists have the privilege of having a color named after them?  Look up Parrish blue.  It’s close to the colors in the first picture I posted at top.  Glorious.  These colors were achieved by his layering.  Rather than mixing them in his palette, he layered them on, adding clear layers of glaze in between.   

Pardon me, I’m going to leave now.  I’m going to wander around and find some cool rocks to light up.

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