Saturday, July 20, 2019

Watercolor Lilies

I couldn’t resist the lilies at Kroger’s.  Well, I did resist buying them, but couldn’t resist photographing them.  This is a diptych, two pieces that together make one.  You can see how my watercolor progressed.  My shoulder is  starting to feel a little better and my head is clearing enough so that I can do a little painting these days.  Yay, finally!  It was Jamie Wyeth that said ‘Painting is as difficult as brain surgery.  It’s not that relaxing, but that’s the discipline.’ I have thought of that quote so many times this summer as people have asked, “Which shoulder did you have surgery on? Oh, the left, and you’re right handed? Good!  That means you can paint!”  I just smiled, but alas and alack, not so.  I agree with Jamie Wyeth.  But now, NOW... I am coming back!

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