Monday, November 29, 2010

Statues of Liberty

We just got back from New York City.  We took a night harbor tour and went out to see our Lady.  She was very beautiful.  Made of copper, she now glows that beautiful verdigris, lit up at night.  I couldn't resist pulling up a couple of Andy Warhols.

He used this camouflage pattern over many differing prints in the late '80s.  This one went to a French exhibition of his works.  Remember, the French gave us the Statue of Liberty, so this was fitting.  Note also the French and American flags down in the corner.

Walking down the streets of New York City at about midnight, and noting that the streets were still flooded with people, we realized that, yes, indeed,  NYC is 'The City that Never Sleeps.'  We walked out of Rockefeller Center and I looked across the street to see Christie's auction house!

Too late - too late.  This Warhol just sold on November 12 for a cool $2,210,500.00.  Beautiful, isn't she?  With a measurement of 72"x72", I'm thinking I could probably make a copy of her in acrylic in about 30 hours.  I'd sell my Johnson Liberty for a bit less.  Pocket change, anyone?

 Couldn't resist adding this one.  Peter Max, who else?  Peter Max did probably hundreds of Statues of Liberty - beginning at the Bicentennial. He did one then, two the next Fourth of July, three the third year, and so on.  In 1989 he did 89!  With his bright, bold colors, he is a much-loved Pop culture icon. In the 1960s, his artwork was everywhere, especially in poster form on students' dormitory walls.  His art is still very popular today.

His oversized book is awesome; I recently picked it up at one of my favorite stores - Half Price Books!

He's got a really nice art book bursting with his bright artwork.  Check it out! 

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