Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music Man Library Sets

Well, I previously posted what it took to paint the library shelves (check out my right margin going down), so thought you might like to see what they looked like during Music Man.  Here are a couple shots:

This one's a close-up.  I had my kids put any titles they wanted on the books, as long as the titles didn't offend my moral sensibilities :)  We got some crazy ones, too.  I put down a bunch of my favorite book titles, and also included "Cindy Johnson's Awesome Sets Class," as one.  Everyone's favorite was the Pokemon Authority, complete with picture logo, right next to The Holy Bible.  The logo was pretty easy to see. I'm SURE that the Pokemon book wasn't around during that era!  We pretty much counted on the audience NOT being able to read the book names!  We did find that the cast got a kick out of them while they were onstage acting.

This shot is from one of the dance scenes, which turned out to be awesome.  We built the tables and benches  EXTREMELY STURDY knowing that there would be a lot of dancing on them (heavy to move). You can see one of the two pillars here, which helped give the scene some height.

Here's a good shot of our very solid and beautiful desk which got built twice.  The man who built it had it delivered, but we never found it!  Weird.  The only thing we can think of is that someone drove by and liked it, and helped themselves!  Time grew short and it never turned up - so... he built another one!  THANKS, STEVE - twice!

Nice shot.  A lot of painting went into our two tables.  We built the two, and left one naked because we lent it out to someone before our show.  I taught my kids how to do a nice wood texture on the other one.
Step 1 - All-over base coat
Step 2 - Dry brush (using one of my customized, scissor-cut goofy old brushes) on a darker brown for the wood grain
Step 3 - Black antiquing lowlights either with a plastic Walmart bag or another dry brush.
Okay, here's the embarrassing part - I set aside enough paint to do the lent-out table once it came back, which would be a couple days before the first show.  Somehow, one of my students, or maybe myself (couldn't be!) ended up using it for something else!  So... since I'm too cheap to actually buy more paint - we had to paint that one twice, so that both tables would match!  I like to think I'm an organized person... I'm sure no one else has THAT problem!


  1. Hi There...How are you..this play looks fanatastic...colorful and full of movement...That is a lot of work you do...!

  2. Hi! Yes, it IS a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too. I gave them warning that Music Man was my last show. It's freeing up quite a bit of time for me to sell my paintings (I'm working on putting up a website right now for that purpose - sheesh! I thought it was hard learning how to blog!) Hopefully, it'll be up soon.