Monday, December 13, 2010

Slip to Eternity

This weekend one of my friends died.  He was a very special man who played trombone in our church orchestra.  He was always there.  For the past few years, his playing wasn't all that great, but that didn't matter.  What mattered was that he was there - right where he belonged, completing our orchestra.  He was fun, kind and generous, steadfast, honorable, quick-witted and dependable.  He was Sydney.  I loved him and I miss him.
I had another friend die some time ago and wrote this poem for him.  It seems a fitting tribute to Sydney as well.  It's called 'Slip to Eternity.'

Can't sleep tonight.
Hot tears noiselessly flood my eyes,
    and cascade to my pillow,
as I, lost in thought,
    silently mourn another death.

The comfort of sleep eludes,
and he who lies beside me
    is also silent -
    but not from slumber -
'tis the silence of deep reflection.

We think of our lives -
    half over if we live long;
of my parents,
    of his mom -
and his dad, gone a year now.
I remember a young friend
    and her son, seven summers old
taken from us.

Sleep still far from our eyes,
    we talk.

He speaks of a place far better.
No more pain, or night, or tears;
    a glorious Hope for those who believe.
Far better off,
    it is there they await us.

But we are left here to mourn
    our loss (but their gain!)
So shall we?
To think on death
    makes me feel more alive; I realize the gift!
And what shall I do,
    but live it!  Live!
To proclaim my God! To serve Him!
To love, to feel, to enjoy,
    to share, to laugh, to cry.
To show the face of Jesus.
To touch, and make a difference.

We tread these mortal paths but a short time -
    we must press on
    before our slip to eternity.

We talk, we cry.
    We pray, we sleep.
Not restless, not hopeless,
    but the deep slumber of God's promised rest.


  1. You have written what my heart is feeling!

  2. I am so sorry to about your friend. This is a beautiful tribute.

  3. Thank you so much, ladies. My heart is full right now.