Monday, May 23, 2011

Art Classes Offered

This is my listing of classes planned for the next school year.  You can find detailed information at the two websites.  Class tuition is $45.00 per month; classes run for ten months.

HIS Classes – Mondays –
Art 1                    Ages 9-11                       9:00 – 10:30
Highschool Art     Ages 15-17                 11:00 – 12:30

The Training Center – Tuesdays –
Art 1                     Ages 8-11                       12:00 -  1:15
Art 2                     Ages 12-14                       9:15 - 10:45

CINDY JOHNSON has been married to her husband Gary for 30 years and has homeschooled their four children for 20 years.   She has spent her adult life teaching Bible, art, theater sets, music and nature study.  She has produced artwork for missionaries, churches, theater, and many other organizations, and has illustrated a cookbook.  In recent years, she’s designed and painted the sets for seven CYT shows.  She plays flute in her church orchestra, and has a heart for missions.  Over the years, she has performed countless musical solos,  loves playing in the CYT orchestra, and has been traveling internationally with a missions orchestra.  As a professional artist, Cindy sells her paintings, shows at the Market Street Woodlands Art League Gallery, and teaches private art classes.  She works to instill the beauty of God's creation and a love for our Maker in young peoples' hearts, and to give them skills to express themselves artistically.  Her desire is that people will find beauty and hope in her paintings.

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