Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missions Trip Part Nine, Exploring the Town

We finished up one of our sessions, which included master classes, full orchestra practice, lunch, then full orchestra again, at probably 3:00.  This gave us a few hours of free time before the evening concert/service.  Of course we chose to wander the town!
This is a picture of one of the main squares.  Note that it's paved with marble!  It stood out because the trees were shedding their yellow flowers everywhere.  Just beautiful.

This is the spire of one of the churches.

I need to look up what these lovely trees are.  We were there at the perfect time - they were just in their blooming prime and beginning to shed flowers.  It was raining yellow flowers.

As we walked the streets we happened past this school and peered inside.  Glowing and inviting.

It was also a great place for a framed shot of my dear Americana amiga, Susan, and my good friend, Oelber.  He was also a great guide, taking us all over the town. 

Oelber bought us little paper cones of an unidentified substance on the streets.  Turned out to be really delicious roasted peanuts!  They were so good I wanted to buy a number of them to give away, but it pained him to let me.  I had to give him my money so he could make the purchases, because natives can buy anything for a small percentage of what we would have to pay.  And so, we shared the giving!

Oelber and Susan depicting how tired we all were after the very long day of music sessions.  Let's put it this way - a lot of people went back to el hotel and SLEPT!

We were charmed watching the schoolchildren get out of school!  Here are some stopping at the movie/dvd/cd information advertising wall.

Beautiful, well cared-for building, matching the sky.

This was the main street of town, closed to traffic.  With foot traffic only, it was a peaceful stroll.

Another one of the buildings.

This is Oelber right after he stopped in the middle of the street to sing us a song.  With his rich voice, he sang us their national anthem after telling us that this town is the home of its composer.  He sang with such emotion and feeling that I could hear the trumpets, the drums, the marching.  He's every bit as good a singer as he is sax player.
They are much better gift-givers than we are.  They sacrificially give of themselves.  A heartfelt song in the middle of the street is a treasure to remember always.

My fun, go-getting roommate with the hat (every time I stopped to look for her, she was WAY ahead of me!) and my fellow Americana flautista.

Alejandro, me and Oelber.  When we were together, we couldn't help but laugh and crack jokes.  It's definately happening here.

Oelber was such a gentleman, he insisted on carrying our purchases.  So... we loaded him down with our packs and everything for this shot.

Pizza!  Really good pizza, too!  Susan and I discovered something right away - it's not a good idea to eat pizza American-style, that is, with your hands.  Why?  No napkins!  Anywhere.  Ever.

He stuffed his mouth and hung some cheese on his lip for this one...

Ahhh... now here is the proper way to eat pizza!  With a knife and fork! Lesson learned!

Pizza and pictures!  Leo, Alejandro, me, Susan and Oelber.

This is Oelber and his lovely wife, Leannis.  They haven't been married for quite a year.  They make a darling, darling pair and I love them both.

This is a picture of me and Leannis.... uh, just Leannis.  Oelber thought the picture would be much better with me cut out, ha, ha!  (well, it is, but that's beside the point!)

 Oh, here we are!  She's in school, and, well, she's not a musician, so she didn't travel with us.  But we enjoyed each other while we were together.  One of our goals was to train, equip and encourage the musicians and worship leaders so they could lead in their churches, which are exploding.  That we did, and we were blessed beyond belief in return.  Just since I've been back, I got an email from a pastor-friend who said that the ones we worked with set a goal of fourteen street concerts where they present the gospel.  They had held five at that point and 50 people professed faith in Jesus Christ as a result!  Praise God!  Let's pray for the remaining concerts!  Amen!

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