Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New York's Guggenheim

These are some shots we took of the Guggenheim in New York when we were there.  The building itself, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is a masterpiece.

 Outside the museum, just before we went in.
 Looking up at the dome was inspiring.  And we had many chances at it as the entire museum centers around it.

Frank Lloyd Wright built the museum to be used in a certain way.  He wanted museum-goers to take the elevator up to the top and walk down the spiral, taking in the galleries while walking down.  We did it backwards and walked up.  I don't know if my memory serves me well in this point, but I think I remember docents encouraging everyone to walk UP in a certain direction. 
Guess we'll have to go back to see!

 These are shots of the Wright Restaurant inside the Guggenheim.  This restaurant and its architect have won many awards for its design.  The food was awesome, and expensive.  Definitely not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!
 These are powder-coated aluminum slats which the artist, Liam Gillick, named The horizon produced by a factory once it had stopped producing views.  They are mounted on two complete walls inside the restaurant.

Had to toss in a couple pictures of Central Park as well.  The Guggenheim is across the street from Central Park, so it just begs for a stroll after you exit the museum.

There's my boy walking down the path!

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