Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Here's a technical pen sketch I did of my son.  He popped on this hat I bought for the Renaissance Faire and looked so good that I took a pic of him.
When it comes to portraits, I am a basically impatient person.  What this means is that I'd rather dash it off quickly, capturing a mood or feeling rather than making an exact likeness.  This said, this sketch doesn't look a lot like my son; however, when I look at it, I feel as if I'm looking at him.  The reason for this is that I worked on catching the proud, self-assured look that my leader-son wears so easily.  I cropped it when I took the photo, but if you saw the entire picture, you'd see I jammed his head up into the upper righthand corner, and made it as if he was looking down at me.  At 6'4", he's ALWAYS looking down at me!  I'll take another picture of it to show you the entire page.
Yesterday I taught my youngest students about warm and cool colours.  While they were painting, I pulled this out of my purse and sloshed some paints down on this. As you can see, the pages are all wrinkled; that's because it's just a moleskin-type sketchpad that's really not made for liquid pigments.  No matter.  My purse sketchpads are the things dreams are made of.

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