Thursday, January 12, 2012

Art Museum Trip

 These are pictures that I took from a recent trip we made downtown.  It was a date between my oldest son and myself.

We visited the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and just enjoyed being together.

This picture is my son sitting outside the Inversion Cafe, a regular spot on my downtown itinerary.  He's sitting under a bunch of lampshades hung all over by the Houston Art League, which is attached to the Inversion Cafe.  For the best tea and smoothies anywhere (don't know about the coffee; I can't get past the tea and smoothies!) go there!  It's always fun to see what the Art League is up to as well.

The next picture is Chase in the underground tunnel between museum buildings, and the bottom two are outside the museum.  We enjoyed a well-deserved break after all the walking, looking and thinking we did!
 We made two more stops while we were down there, one at the Half Price Bookstore (always a thumbs-up in our family) and the other at Texas Art Supply.

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