Friday, January 6, 2012

Closeups on Dragon Series

 Here are a few closeups that I promised in the previous posting showing my dragon series.  It's a little difficult to tell, but if you're looking at it in person, you can see several layers which give it more dimension.
This one is part of a sky/tree section. I really like it as it gives me a feeling of a beautiful, breezy day.
I've melded together a lot of greens and aquas along with some iridescents and golds to give this one a dreamy quality.

Well, the colors are bad because I'm not a great photographer, plus I took these shots with my phone.  Am I making excuses?  YES!  Anyway, these colors lean towards greens, aquas and blues on this particular painting.
I used iridescents on the water coming from their mouths, as you can see here.  If you click on any one of these pictures, you can get a closeup.

And this, the last shot, gives you a feel of paint flow.  I like it when I find a sedimentary ink that reacts to other inks as shown here.  Or maybe it's magic.

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