Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Piratey Pair

Here's a colorful pair.  Well, the parrot, perched on his friend's shoulder, was colorful, so I decided to make his friend colorful, too.  Just seemed right.
I'm not an erasing kind of girl; I just sat down (in front of Starbucks con caliente cafe) in the morning sunshine and lightly drew it out with a 005 Micron pen.  They're light enough that I can correct as I go.  Then when I'm done laying out the entire thing, by the time I start putting down heavier and darker pens, those light lines are pretty much obliterated.  I think the drawing took me about an hour and a half of laid-back, feet-up enjoyment.

Anyway, it was pretty fun doing a parrot as I've never done one before, and I particularly like the guy's blue/green expression.  And the gold earring.  Looks piratey.  By the way, when I ride my bike each day, I wear one gold hoop, too.  Makes ME feel piratey!


  1. Birds and portraits, neither easy, but so satisfying when they come out right. They are a good morning's treasure haul,"matey" .

  2. Thanks, Patrick, you're right, mate. I enjoyed coloring the man to match his bird, and realized I'd never done a bird before, either!