Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Self Portrait

Well, every year I have my high school students do self portraits with graphing.  A couple weeks ago I decided it was about time I did one myself!  So... here it is.  I did it in pencil and Prismacolor markers.  I tried to keep the markers really 'sketchy' and loose because I'm a pretty spontaneous person.  You would note that I left most of the graphing squares in; I like them!  I erased a lot of them on my face but left some of the pencil lines in as well so people could see the steps I took.

My original plan was to do only my eyes in blue, and pop just a little bit into the curls at my neck to indicate my, uh, colorful personality, and reflect the unusual colors I've been putting in my little neck tendrils lately (blue, turquoise...)  But, the blue was too fun, so it got spread around.

This was from a photo of me when I was playing in one of our musical theater shows.  I got everyone in the orchestra to put Sharpie mustaches on their fingers.  At particular points during the show, we 'flashed' the actors to see if we could throw them off just a wee bit. :)

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