Sunday, July 13, 2014

Metal Embossing at Expo

Please see previous post for information on the Artist Expo Houston.  I just finished a metal piece I'm going to take to show to my classes, as I'll be teaching metal embossing.  Here it is in all of its poorly-photographed, wrong-color glory.  I've got a pile of things I need to take to my photographer; in the meantime, you'll just have to do with my off-color photography.  This metal piece is about 18x22.

This is a close up of part of my lilies, so you can see a bit more of what's going on.  I've got a lot of layers and textures, with colors and metal shining through in places.  Remember, though, the colors are really bad in my photograph. 

Guess you'll just have to come to the Expo and see it in person!

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