Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Painting - Fibonacci Sequence Included

I finally have a chance at a new painting.  Lots of ideas generating, and this one forced its way to the top.  Extremely interested in nature and God's creation, the Fibonacci sequence has always intrigued and fascinated me.  The entire universe is filled with examples following the spiral formed by this number sequence - sunflowers, pinecones, the way trees and plants branch, cosmos, the way animals multiply... on and on. For some time I've wanted to put it into my work, but really hadn't wanted to take the TIME to lay it all out mathematically. 

It's time.  Here's the beginning.
I'm not going to give you clues right now - but you can follow it as I progress.

This was the initial laying-out of the spiral.  Last night I transferred it to the painting's surface.


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