Thursday, October 9, 2014

Comments on Depression

Originally, I set up my blog so I could discuss art, beauty and life.  Having experienced the suicides of two very special people this year, one in March and one just a month ago, has got me thinking a lot more about just... well, life.  And death.

A friend of mine wrote this early this morning and I think it's so important that we address these things. She gave me permission to post this, so here it is, along with my comment at the bottom.
'This is so not something that I would ever usually put out there for the world to see but I feel led to and maybe somebody needs to hear it today. So here goes...
Hi, my name is _____. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I love God more than anything and serving Him is what my goal in life is. I have a happy marriage and wonderful children and I struggle with depression. Yes, in spite of all that I struggle with depression. Deep dark sometimes unrelenting depression. I take medicine and I'm believing God for healing.
Here's the catch that I was confronted with today.... would I still believe God is going to heal me if my healing wasn't going to completely happen til I go to Heaven and am made completely whole in Him? The answer is YES! It's yes because I love and trust He who made me. It's yes because through my struggle I can bring Him glory. It's yes because in my brokenness and not togetherness He has not forsaken me and I'm not running from Him. It's yes because when I meet other women who feel ashamed of what they are going through can see me and receive comfort that just because we're Christians that we still have struggles.
I hid my depression for years because I have been told that I just needed to rely more fully on God. That is a lie. He can and will heal but sometimes the answer is medicine. Sometimes it is counseling. There is no condemnation is Christ Jesus. My struggling is no surprise to Him and neither is anyone elses. If you don't know Jesus I strongly suggest you get to know Him. Without His constant guiding hand I would never make it day to day. There you have it... my name is ______, I'm a Christian, I love God and He loves me, I struggle with depression, I do take medication. I am not forsaken in fact I am free. If this is my lot then I will bring Him glory through it! ! If you need a friend... or a prayer... im here. Whoever you are I love you and Jesus does too.

(my response) I'm so glad you shared. This is a conversation that must be held! Some people walk around with maybe cancer scars or something really obvious, and we easily address those things. We all are wounded in many ways, but with so many people, the things they are dealing with don't show... like depression.
But those things that don't show in each of us need to be shared... maybe more so than the wounds that are outwardly visible. I would like to see the boundaries of silence broken down, because that silence hurts us and alienates us from one another. Satan revels in that lonely silence.
We need to talk about things like depression and so many other socially 'taboo' subjects so we can help each other. And in that journey of conversation, we will all realize that EVERYONE carries a burden of some kind, that we are not unique or alone in our pain, and that there is help. Help from one another, and Hope in Christ. That Christ that created us as unique individuals, exactly as we are, fitted exactly for His purpose. We have each other, but more importantly, the One that created us freely holds out His hand to each of us, and is ready to walk with us through any pain. Let's begin the conversation.

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