Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Continuing Saga of... "The Artist's Desk"

Well, here we are again!  An artist's life is nothing if not varied.  Looking at my series of Artist's Desk posts, I see that there's really only one constant.

Toilet paper.

Let's face it.  We all love it. We all need it.

The Windex is my secret ingredient - if I tell you what THAT'S for, I'll have to kill you.

This has been a seriously busy week for me, and unfortunately, I haven't lifted a brush once.  In all truth, if you want to make it in the art world, you have to do a lot of stuff that is not art related.  Business stuff.  Sorry to burst your bubble, young people.  You have to do a lot of writing, a lot of math, a lot of public speaking, performance, persuasion...

In this photo my desk is covered with personal invitations.  I worked on them all morning yesterday.  Because I'm the feature artist this Friday at our Gallery, I'm sending out invitations.  People who have purchased my paintings in the past, my patrons, get special hand written invitations, complete with a small piece of art and a painted envelope.  Here you can see them propped all over, drying.  Everyone else gets internet invitations.

What else is on my desk today? Well, you can see a bottle of paint with a nice baggy-rubber band lid; I'm always losing those tiny lids!  They pop off, roll out the door and party in the street.  They're down at Market Street right now having a paint lid gathering.

My calendar.  Yeah.  It always looks like that.  I've actually gone back to a paper calendar because I'm so visual that my phone calendar isn't quite enough.  So they double each other.  And yes.  Sometimes an event will get on one and not the other.  Woe is me!

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