Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The King

Just finished this big boy last night.  He's 24" x 30" and I named him 'King.'

Here's how I typically work - I painted the background and have literally had it hanging around in my studio for probably four months.  Recently I was sitting in a doctor's office waiting for my dad's appointment and picked up some magazine, probably National Geographic? ... and did a sketch of an ugly old grizzled lion.  I liked my fine, ugly fellow and pulled out my purse sketchpad to look at it when I got home.

Then my eyes lit upon this crazy background canvas and I knew.  There's a band of blue just above center, and I thought 'How cool would it be to give the lion blue eyes?' But then when I was deciding on placement, I liked the eyes higher up in the space, so he'd look more dominant.  Looks to me like it worked!  I like it!

I'll be putting him in the DaVinci Artists Gallery in Tomball in a couple weeks.  Need to get him varnished and wired for hanging.  Then I suppose I'll have to say goodbye to my watchful friend.

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