Tuesday, October 6, 2015

American Redstart, Sold!

Someone asked me recently about bird paintings.  He said his wife loved a bird painting I sold six months ago, and how much was it?  It was a little too steep for them so I told him I'd do some small watercolor birds and charge less.  Here is the first one, a little American Redstart, which I sold them.

Cute little feller, ain't he?

I love the colors!  After I painted it, I posted it on Facebook and got a surprising response.  Everyone liked it, so I decided that maybe I'd stumbled upon a little niche.

Next posting was 'Birds for Sale,' and reminded people that Christmas is coming, and they needed bird paintings.

I could post that here, too!  So....

Birds for Sale!  Christmas is coming!  Pen and watercolor birds, you choose your bird.  I am painting these on heavy, deckled-edge watercolor paper which is 9x12.  Let me know!

As for me, I'm going upstairs.  I'm going upstairs to paint, armed with six or eight photos of pileated woodpeckers.  Next little bird, sold already!

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