Monday, October 12, 2015

Bird on Fire!

You've heard of 'Girl on Fire?' ... well, I've got 'Bird on Fire.'  :)

In a previous post, you saw my Pileated Woodpecker.  Well, when I was commissioned to paint one, I scrolled through lots of photos looking for just what I wanted.  On my way to my 'serious' bird, I just had to paint this as well - for myself and my own entertainment!

This is (pretty much) what a pileated woodpecker looks like!  Well, with a few exceptions.  Most pileated woodpeckers don't have comics in their bright feathered caps!  Anyway, I'm loving this guy.  Everyone has to laugh now and then, and he makes me LAUGH!

For sale - 9 x 12 heavy deckled-edged paper, $90.00.  BIRD... ON ... FIRE!!!!!

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