Friday, December 18, 2015

Ethereal Painting - 'Joy' - for Sale!

 I just finished this one - oh my goodness, I LOVE it!  This little baby is tiny - only 9" x 12", and is for sale.

Once again, I'm using Picasso's method of painting the entire background, and then painting into the negative space, making the subject come forward.

There really are not words to describe this piece, and photos don't do it justice.  I can't get a good photo for some reason, any better than I can catch the effect of sunshine glimmering on raindrops.

 The first picture you see is the entire piece.  Each of these three are different colors - the true color is somewhere in between.  The thin layers of paint that I used over the bright colors have the effect of milk glass.  You know, that old, antique, bluish, partly opaque glass you find in the antique stores?

It has this milky, ethereal effect that kind of makes you feel peaceful and glowy at the same time.  My bottom layers include gold, which pops out where I didn't cover it, and where the golds are not over-painted, they fairly shout!

However hard this painting is to describe, it's a joy to look at.  Maybe I should name it 'Joy!'

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