Friday, December 18, 2015

Life Painting

Because our daughter is in dance and has been all her life, there's a lot of dance in our house!  On occasion it comes out in my artwork, too.  This beautiful ballerina is coming to life as she moves onto the stage; in fact, if you look closely, the only place she has color is in her face and neck.  She is literally coming to life as she dances.  If you are a dancer, you understand this.
Unusual for me, this painting is done almost exclusively in gold and black.  And I mean gold!  You can see the gold reflecting on her body; it's actually reflective like that all over the painting, but the lighting that was present when I took this photograph determined the shine.

She is ABOUT 40" x 30" - and yes, I am too tired to get up and measure her.  She's been almost-sold twice and everyone that sees her absolutely loves her. So... she is for sale again!  I just need to put her with someone who:
1) loves this beautiful lady; and
2) actually has money

So there!  By the way, her name is: "Life."

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