Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tiny Art

I popped this little piece down just to give you a happy day.  I love Chinese calligraphy!  Some years ago I toddled to the book store with the idea that I was going to learn Chinese.  Happened to meet a Chinese friend (serendipity, huh?) who laughed when I told him my grand plan.  He told me that even the Chinese don't know Chinese! Undaunted, I bought a book.  I have loved this book well, and have actually learned a lot.

No, I can't speak Chinese, but I now understand how the words are put together and how they originated; how they moved from pictograms to characters.  I can look at the characters and pick out bits and pieces of things I know - enough to make me dangerous.  And enough to make Chinese friends laugh at me.  Really what it has done is enriched my life in yet another way.

This symbol means 'dragon.' I chose it for a couple reasons; one - dragons are really cool, and two - the character itself is beautiful. This piece is in layers.  The top layer I laid down quickly and had to draw in the symbol fast before the paint dried.  Enjoy.

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