Friday, August 26, 2016

Community Center Hanging

New paintings in the Community Center as of this morning!  There were about ten of us hanging and probably a total of thirty or so paintings hung.  We didn't think to take pictures until almost everyone was gone, so these are the photos of the late hanger-oners.

This first picture is me and a good friend, Gary Hernandez.  His lovely Christ is pictured behind him, and my 'The Better to See You With, My Dear' wolf behind me.  These two paintings greet anyone that comes through the front doors.

It seems appropriate to me to have Christ, the Good Shepherd, next to the wolf - methinks that wolf won't be able to misbehave under close scrutiny.

This second picture is Lauren Combs and Gary, with Lauren's beautiful abstract in muted tones.  She said that this painting didn't photograph well.  I'm here to second that.  When you see it in person, it's heavenly, breathy and visually stunning.  In a photo, kind of ho hum.  You're just going to have to go out and look at this one in person.  It is BEAUTIFUL, and... it's for sale!

Here is another of Lauren's pieces, an encaustic in bold colors.  Love.


The Chinese lanterns are mine.  I named them 'Breezy,' because it seems they're swinging in a breezy, sunny sky.  Lots of texture in this one doesn't really cross over into photography, either.

Almost all the paintings in the Woodlands Community Center are for sale.  There are several that are display only, and a couple, like Gary's, that are displayed for the purpose of advertising for new students in his painting and drawing classes. 

You can look all of us up under The Woodlands Art League.

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