Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Artist Palette

Some of the tools of my trade.

These I used in the painting of my cutie little raccoon.  Did you know that the distance between a raccoon's eyes and nose are a perfect equilateral triangle?  Who'd a' thunk?!  AND, the distance between a 'coon's nose and ears is another perfect equilateral triangle!  Cool, huh?

I try really hard to make my work look easy.  It's not.  When you look at my raccoon, which I entitled, 'Oh, Baby!' it looks pretty spontaneous.  Most of it is abstract.  That's all because of good planning.

By the time I even touched paint, I had measured, remeasured, and drawn the 'baby' down in charcoal onto the canvas, knowing it would be completely covered with paint.  BUT... that was also the guideline to my fast laydown of 'abstract' paint layers!

This painting was 80% perspiration, 20% painting. :)  You can find 'Oh, Baby' elsewhere in this blog, and for sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.com.

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