Thursday, January 11, 2018

Desktop Cats

This was an in-class demo for one of my Art 1 classes. Photographers can take care of cats as they are. As for me, I see them differently. 

I always work with Faber Castell's Pitt pens.  After trying just about every pen known to man, I landed upon them because they are the least prone to smearing when you hit them with water. 

Here's a typical day for my desk.  It's a continual balance between preparing for my classes and working on my own art.  Today I prepared a color chart for my older students and will have them make on next week.  It's part of my ploy to help them understand how the colors mix, and to get them to understand that watercolors need to be transparent.  I'm going to have them write the color names down as well, as I did.  Just the beginning of color understanding, hopefully that little addition will get a few interested in the origins of color.
What else? Let's see, a tape measure I used to measure a painting that's going out.  These days I always put the measurements on the back so I don't ever have to do it twice.
My little purse sketchpad in which I painted some pussywillows, after illustrating a story I was telling someone...
Brushes, mediums to mix with acrylics and my dirty paint water...
A little tin of hand lotion.  Always.  I use my hands so much and wash them so many times a day that they get DRY.  I also use... oh... I forget what it's called, Liquid Gloves?  Works pretty well, along with some similar products.

Oh, I can't forget the pile of papers... never ending.  

That's about it!

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