Saturday, January 13, 2018

You Need Some Owly Fun!

My original owl painting is hanging at Fielding’s Wood Grill on Research Forest. It’s for sale along with these awesome owl stickers at

People love my owl painting, and so do I.  His name is Horatio.  The original Horatio was a skeleton my sets team hung up on Marooner's Rock in our show, Peter Pan.  You know, the rock from which Princess Tiger Lily was rescued!  To say that our skeleton didn't go over well is an understatement.

I was in San Antonio judging some art during opening night, so I missed it.  When we got back the next day for the Saturday night show, the entire cast and crew were in an uproar over our lovely skeleton!  He was taken down.  To the protest of almost everyone.

Anyway, we named our skeleton friend Horatio and he took on a life all his own, sneakily showing up in many shows after that... in one of the orphan's beds during Annie, on the tryst bridge in Sound of Music...

So... I named my lovely owl after our skeleton. :)  It makes me happy looking at him for oh so many reasons, not the least of which is his name.

My owl painting is done in layers, as is... well... all my work.  I love layers of paint and love being able to see through the layers to what's beneath.  Great colors and textures.

 I've got several pictures of him here so you can get the scale of the stickers.  The colors are glorious, aren't they?

 He's pictures here on my work desk.  Not too hard to see that THAT'S an artist's work desk!  What does YOUR desk look like?

Check out my website shown at the top of this article and let me know what you think!  And add some stickers to your collection to brighten up your notebooks, boxes and all your various sundry items.

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