Monday, October 1, 2018

An Artist’s Desktop

It doesn’t seem to matter how big my desk is; it pretty much always looks like this.  Unfair that I’m not showing you the outer edges which sport PILES of books, papers, information, inspiration and ephemera. What’s on YOUR desk? Is it clean? 

I have an insatiable personality which means I read an unbelievable variety of weird things, just because it’s good to know.  And as far as art supplies, I pretty much have to try everything, which means I’m constantly experimenting.  Thus the Daniel Green watercolor crayons you see in the little five-pack at the top. Each stick is the equivalent to approximately four pans of watercolor and they ARE pigment loaded.  The jury’s out on them thus far... As far as both the Golden paints and the Matisse paints, they are so luscious and pigment packed that I could eat them.  But I won’t.  Because I expect like many materials they are carcinogenic in the State of California.  May be safe here in Texas, but let’s not be chancey.

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