Monday, December 16, 2019

Watercolor Fun

A nice cold day.  Good for walks and fires and watercolors.  It’s not often I get a chance to sit down and paint for pure joy.  The other day on a walk I looked up and saw sweet gum boughs and thought, ‘I could paint sweet gum...’.

Recently I got some new watercolors that are highly sedimentary and some have mica in them to add some pizzazz.  Likey!  I am a tried and true fan of Golden’s QOR watercolors; they are simply the best.  But recently I purchased some handmade watercolors from Ruby Mountain Watercolors and am wholeheartedly impressed!  

This shows my little sweet gum design from start to finish.  You would also note that you can see light pencil lines.  I’m a big fan of understanding the process and love to peer into paintings and figure out how they were done.  Those light pencil lines in my work are your first clue! 

Testing out the paints.  I always do this on nice paper and find a way to repurpose it; cards, bookmarks, ATC cards, etc.

Ruby Mountain paints.  Look them up!  Well worth it.  I think my dive into handmade watercolors may cost me dearly....

Finished piece. :). Happy

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