Sunday, December 1, 2019

Conroe Mistletoe Market!

I decided to make a ton of fluorescent coasters that glow like fire under black light, as in the first photo, plus a bunch of other coasters that are just downright gorgeous like the one in the last photo.  They all have a nice resin finish which makes them impermeable and a cork back to save your furniture in case your kids haven’t ruined it already.
And another black light coaster:

You will find me selling these SATURDAY at the Mistletoe Market in Conroe for twenty bucks a pop.  Come on out; we’ll be there all day!
You can see the reflective shine of the sky.  The resin is super glossy.  That’s one reason why I love it. :)

I’ll have other work there as well.  If you want anything in particular, you can order it off my website so no one else gets it and I can bring it to the show.

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