Friday, February 7, 2020

Picasso Quote

I popped this Picasso quote on one of my paintings and agree wholeheartedly. Honestly, I work like a dog.  I don’t even have time for UN-inspiration.  If I am ever uninspired I just go to my studio and clean brushes, sharpen pencils, leaf through sketchpads, look at my artist trading cards. So, while I’m doing that I’m getting things done AND... before I know it, I’m inspired again!  I am usually the opposite of uninspired; I have so many ideas that I can’t turn them all into paintings, sketches or notes.  There are just too many!  How about you? By the way, this painting is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph! See the lines through it? That’s the clear, shiny varnish which I laid down showing brushstrokes.  Cool, Burt I suppose I’ll never get a good pic.  Oh, well. :/

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