Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Newest Print

I love these bold lines, don’t you?  This tiny piece is one of my double prints. Layers of color and design build up to make one fascinating, tiny piece.  This is only 4”x6”, just the right size to brighten up THAT SPOT.  

So cool, huh? :). Here it is with my computer.  I.... uh... have always wanted one of those cool,
light-up, colorful keyboards - you know what I mean?  Well, here’s mine.  It’s... colorful. :)

Signed on the back. 4”x6” and packaged for mailing and displaY.
I carved the blocks to make this print and layered the colors.  This is an original print; I couldn’t make another one like this if I tried.  You can find it at

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