Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sketchpad Art!

Ever want to peek inside my sketchpads? These are the inside covers which are a catch-all for life on the run.  Plus I like stickers.  I always hold the front and back covers of my pads for those cool things I want to put somewhere.  Ya know, I need to keep that sticker that came on my peach! 

Often I will fashion a little pocket out of some kind of little bag to keep ticket stubs in and glue it inside the back cover.  I’ve used barf bags from airplanes and tampon bags from ladies’ restrooms.  Every time I open to those I laugh!  

I remember when our oldest three were teens we traveled to Germany.  Everyone had a little black book and we had a competition to see who could collect the most and coolest graffiti stickers in their books.  Our 6’4” son won that battle because, well... he could reach stickers none of us could get to! So many memories in these sketchpads.

By the way, that orange target on this sketchpad that I drew on?  It’s a biodegradable floating target to put in the toilet for little boys to teach them good aim.  Hahaha!!

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